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Spiritual Life Coaching package with 4 sessions

Ole Gabrielsen Sessions

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Spiritual Life Coaching package with 4 sessions
Do you want to dive deeper into your current life situation, break old patterns, uncover whats holding your back, discover your hidden talents and life mission?
Then spiritual Life Coaching might be something for you!
 Depending on the situation, I will use:
• Attunements
• Present moment reading of your energy right now
• Cleansing & Activating your Kundalini
• Life Assessment
• Disconnection from unbeneficial ties to people & places
• Reconnection to the present moment
• Discovering your life's purpose & talents
• Astrology
• Card and rune reading
and more...
 Each session is customised to you and where you are right now in your life.
Since the process is more comprehensive, I recommend minimum 4 sessions. Each session is around 1 hour.
The sessions can be done via Skype or in-person in Denmark or Serbia. 

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